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Sport programs



Tandem paragliding from Vogar and Studor – 90 €/person

Both peaks- Vogar and Studor- are located on the north side of lake Bohinj. We mostly do paragliding from Vogar, but Studor is an alternative as it has almost the same flight length. Height difference between take off and landing point is about 500 m and duration of the flight is about 10-15 min. How long do we fly, it always depends on the current weather and wind conditions.

Tandem paragliding from Vogel, Krvavec – 125 €/person

Tandem flight from Vogel is one of the most picturesque paragliding locations in Slovenia as it offers a magnificient view over Julian Alps and the whole glaciar Bohinj valley. We fly above the lake and you can also see the highest mountain in Slovenia - Triglav.

Height difference between take off and landing point is about 1200 m and duration of the flight is usually 20-25 min. How long do we fly, it always depends on the current weather and wind conditions. Sometimes, up to 40 min.

Meeting point: Parking place by "Fuznarski zaliv" near bar and restaurant Kramar in Ribcev Laz (by the lake Bohinj). This is also the landing point for all tandem flights. From here we provide the transport in vans to the take off place with a cable car and chair lift.

According to the previous agreement, meeting point can also be at our summer office Destina in Ribčev Laz.


Jerečica (short), 3 – 12 persons – 49 €/person

Jerečica (long), Grmečica (short),3 – 8 persons –  59 €/person

Grmečica (long), 3 – 8 persons – 79 €/person

Canyoning is an adventurous trip in the most beautiful environment of the magnificent canyon. We are walking and swimming through the canyon, jumping into the natural pools and slide on the natural tobogans. In most of the canyons we also us rope to climb down the waterfalls.

The participants need bathing suit, towel and an extra T-shirt. All the other necessary equipment provides Pac Sports.



Jezero – Boh. Bistrica, 4 – 20 persons – 29 €/person

We start the tour from the Lake Bohinj (at Hostel pod Voglom) and finish in Bohinjska Bistrica. The length of the tour is 6 km and it takes about  1,5h for the river trip. The estimated difficulty of that part is 1–2;  we need 4h for the whole trip.  This is most exciting trip for everyone who likes to enjoy the natural wonders of the river and conquer the rapids in stable rafts.We organize the tour either by avantura rafts or by sit on top kayaks.

Duration on the water: aprox. 1,5h
Duration of the whole program: 2,5 - 3 h
Equipment needed: bathing clothes, towel
No of persons: min 3 - max 50

Soteska – Boh. Bela, 4 – 20 persons – 39 €/person

Rafting is started in Soteska (by the dam on the half way from Bohinj to Bled) and we end the trip in Bohinjska Bela. The length of that part is 5 km; 1,5 h on the river. We need 4 to 5 hours for the whole programme.

Number of participants: 4 - 30
Necessary equipment: bathing suit, towel and T-shirt
The duration of the programme: 4 - 5 hours



Soteska – Boh. Bela, 3 – 8 persons – 39 €/person

Some people find hydrospeed the most extreme of all our down the river activities as there is only a river board between us and river waves and rocks. The participants have to hold a river board with their hands. With the fins on the feet, we have to be faster than the current, to conquer the rapids of the river Sava Bohinjka.

Starting point for hydrospeed is in Soteska - half way between Bohinj and Bled and we finish hydrospeed in Bohinjska Bela village. Length of the tour is about 5 km and we are conquering rapids 1,5 hour on the river. Difficulty level of the river is 2-4. It takes about 4 h for the whole tour, including the transport and preparations.

High ropes course

High ropes course - adults , 3 – 45 oseb – 29 €/person

High ropes course - children (up to 14 years old), 3 – 45 persons – 26 €/person

Giant swing - adults, 3 - 45 persons - 12 €/person

Giant swing - children (up to 14 years old), 3 - 45 persons - 9 €/person

High ropes course (or also called adrenaline park) is appropriate for individuals or different groups (schools, business groups or athletes and sport teams)

Kayak & Canoe

- Beginners course - 10 hours, 3 - 8 persons - 130 €
- Weekend course - 5 hours, 3 - 8 persons 85 €
- Kayak trip the upper part of the river Sava Bohinja, 4 - 10 persons - 35 €
- Sit on top kayak trip the upper part of the river Sava Bohinja, 4 - 30 persons - 29 €
- Canoe trip on Lake Bohinj, 4 - 50 persons - 15 €
- Night canoe trip on Lake Bohinj, 4 - 30 persons - 18 €
- Canoe Course - 3 hours, 3 - 20 persons - 30 €
- Transportation Bohinj - Lake Bohinj, 1-8 persons - 15 €
- Transportation Soteska - Lake Bohinj, 1-8 persons - 30 €

Exploring caves

Exploring caves Govi, 3 - 8 persons - 79 €
The trip to the cave Babji Zob - adults - 15 €
The trip to the cave Babji Zob - children - 10 €

Govic cave is a famous Bohinj cave with a special local legend and it is the cave which, during the heavy rains, spits water back out to the surface. In summer time the cave is dry, so it is available for guided tours, where Pac sports can take its customers all the way to the lowest point of the cave, where a beautiful small underground lake is hidden.

We start the tour with a canoe and paddle across the lake Bohinj, where we leave our boats and climb up to the entrance of the cave. First, there is a little bit demanding 25 m climb (difficulty climbing  level 3-4), where you will be protected with a rope by our instructor.

At the entrance instructor descents you down to the cave abyss with a rope and a ladder. There are 3 longer descends, always with a help of the instructor. At the end we will see a small undergound lake and then climb back to the surface. We return to the starting point with a canoe.


Snow Rafting

8-50 persons, 20 €/person

Wild water rafting is very popular in the summer time, however we offer you rafting in the wintertime. We organize snow rafting – in the Bohinj valley or on the Vogel mountain. We use small outsider rafts (made for 3 person) when we slide down the slope. You will most certainly enjoy your fast ride down the slope. We use the snowmobile to pull the rafts up the slope. The program is performed also in the evening hours.

Snowshoes walking

- Snowshoes walking in Bohinj valley (min 4 persons) - 15 €
- Snowshoes trekking on the Pokljuka plateau (min 4 persons) - 30 €
- Night snowshoe walk with the typical Bohinj dinner (min 4 persons) - 40 €

-Snowshoes trekking on the Možic Mountain (min 4 persons) - 35 €

We will explore Bohinj area, Pokljuka plateau and its magnificent pine forests. By request we can also explore any other Slovenian picturesque area (Cerknica lake, Bloke, Kranjska gora, Sorica mountain with the view all the way to the Adriatic sea...).

At each trip we will first introduce ourselves with the use of snowshoes. We will learn to adjust them properly and learn how to walk with them in the whole snow.

Pac sports agency organizes daily and evening snowshoes trips.

Pac sports agency will provide all the necessary equipment (snowshoes and walking sticks). The guests would only need warm walking clothes and shoes (not skiing boots), a cap and gloves.